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Watford escorts are in great demand right now and lucky for you, we here at Sparkles Escorts are prepared to offer the best escorts Watford have to offer! By now I'm sure you're already aware that the standards of our girls is truly unsurpassed and when it comes to reliability and professionalism, our girls excel.

We aim to surpass our clients every expectations and our escorts in Watford are no exception; feel free to view our gallery of Watford escorts and hopefully soon you'll find the perfect companion! Watford is located 18 miles North of London and due to this close proximity there's plenty to keep you occupied. Watford is a surprisingly busy town with a great deal of people visiting for both business and pleasure, with plenty of exciting things to see, delicious eateries and spectacular hotels to stay in you're sure to enjoy your time here.


Exciting Landmarks to visit with Escorts in Watford

Whilst visiting landmarks may not at first sound too exciting, some people enjoy the romance and intellectual stimulation of visiting landmarks with our escorts so it's definatley worth covering!

With so many outstanding reviews and amazing images it's no surprise that I was drawn here, this beautiful natural wooded area has been described as 'scenic', 'peaceful' and 'atmospheric'; even these statements don't do Cassiobury Park justice. If you're a fan of a quiet walk outside, or would love to walk in the cool air with your companion having a lovely conversation then this is definately a wonderful place. I often find that dates like this are underated, sometimes places like this can make the ideal place for a date and when immersed in nature it's always easy to make conversation with an escort in Watford.


Now, if you can manage to find this place you'll be in for a pleasent surprise. Watford museum displays a variety of exhibitions and allows visitors to learn in depth the history of both Watford and it's economy. For those who enjoy stimulating conversation and history make sure to check out this charming museum.


If Museums aren't your thing but you still love culture, look out for the latest shows at Watford Palace Theatre. With Pantomime and plenty of high quality productions this place is an excellent date option for those that enjoy a light hearted experience with a sensual Watford escort. From past experience I have found that girls love to be taken to a great production; after all, who doesn't love the glamour and excitement of theatre. With girls of this calibre, McDonalds just doesn't cut it, but lucky for those struggling with inspiration I'm here to help! Below are a few suggestions of places in Watford to eat when on a date with a gorgeous Watford Escort.


Dining with the Most exceptional Escorts Watford can Provide

Vanchinos, rated the number one restaurant in Watford offers amazing food, great service and plenty of ambience to set the mood. If you're a fan of Mediterranean and European food make sure to check out Vanchinos!

Read Vanchinos Menu Here...


For those who love Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine make sure to check out Tarboush in Watford. A lot of the escorts Watford have to offer are very adventurous and love to try new things which is why restaurants like Tarboush are either a great hit or a flop! Tarboush itself however does serve an incredible selection of food and is worth the visit for those who appreciate this type of thing.

Read Tarboush's Menu Here...


L'artista is an Italian restaurant in Watford that serves an excellent selection of delicious and authentic Italian food. Dubbed as the best pizza I've ever eaten" by reviewers it's to be expected that this one would crop up! Atmosphere, staff service and food are all on-point, not to mention the modest prices and excellent serving sized.

Kick Back and Relax With Our Escorts in Watford

Jurys Inn is one of the most exceptional hotels in Watford, even fit for a Sparkles escort. With plenty of excellent reviews, outstanding service and beautiful accomodation I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay in this hotel.

Holiday Inn is a great call for those looking for a modern take on accomodation. With fresh and warm breakfasts served daily, excellent service and gorgeous rooms, this makes for an excellent spot to take an escort in Watford.


Booking Watford Escorts

Whether you choose to take your escort in Watford to a restaurant, hotel, theatre or museum, one thing is of certain... the girls that we recruit at Sparkles Escorts are irresistable and once you meet our models you will be captivated. We always recommend that when booking a companion with our agency you get in touch to discuss any prefferences or preperations you may have or need to make.

Co-operating with our clients is one reason why our agency excells and we continue to beleive that helping to arrange the perfect booking is mutually beneficial for our customers, our girls and our agency. If you ever have any trouble in regards to choosing an escort in Watford or planning your evening feel free to get in touch and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help make your dreams become a reality!